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Ngoc Viet Company was formally established on December 10th, 2009. With the trade name NVA( Ngoc Viet Art ), the company specializes in germstone painting production, using 100% natural colors. NVA is one of the leading germstone painting companies in Vietnam. As a pioneer in the creation of great germstone art works, the company has confirmed strongly the vivid beauty of “Masterpieces from the nature” of germstones in each detail of its works. NVA germstone paintings are varied in many types, from landscape to portrait paintings. Besides, NVA provides germstone jewelries and fengsui stones.

Slogan:Masterpieces from the nature” NVA germstone paintings are born with colors of time for us humans to enjoy and have our own feelings of this humane life.

Operational Criteria: “Optimize product quality and customer services”. NVA always considers selling manners as a key factor so the company has invested to build an enthusiast and professional team of consultants. We also pay much attention to product quality, customers will be consulted carefully by our experts about each product in both technical and aesthetic term, and get our warranty for up to 30 years. Germstone paintings are art works of high level and NVA still keeps trying everyday to create more products varied in designs and styles to honor true art values of germstone paintings.

NVA works reveal the true art beauty of Vietnamese germstone paintings. They are not ordinary products but are born from desire for creativeness. Arts come to life to be enjoyed and admired so each painting must carry deep inside sincere emotions.

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